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Maya Mall (2017) Full Movie

Movie Name: Maya Mall (2017) Watch Online
Directed By: Govind Lalam
Dilip Kumar, Eesha Rebba, Diksha Panth
 HDCam, 720p
Movie Length:  
1 hrs 44 mins
: Telegu
File Size
: 278 MB
Release Date:  21 Jul, 2017

6.2/10 stars from 786 votes (IMDB)



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Maya Mall Torrent Download  film is a thriller, a film vikishvilis Cinematographers (VMM) and TV9 film (movie makers) cinematography. Registered by Govind Lalami dilepis Coumarin Eshkha Rebbe as leading roles.


Maya Mall Full Movie HD Download is filmmaker Maya dilpi Eshkha kumara and Reba. The cast also pants and dikshd rebashs taghuubuu. This is a complete writer film directed by Govind Lalami, kvvv. Krishna, producer, singer Douma and music director, is part of the crew.

“Maya Mall HD Full Movie Download- follow the club” is Dilipsa filmmaker and Esha. Govi Lalami written and directed by Sass karteki. The report looks at the incidences around the center and it’s interesting. The motto “dare to perform the” Maya Mall Full HD Movie Download is set to wake the audience.


Maya Mall hd movie download news, it’s a horror comedy that begins with the current scenario. The film revolves around the mysterious event center where the main characters remain. What happens next is something to be seen on the screen.

Dilepma (Dilepis Kumar) and Mitiri (Eshkha) are lovers who want to choose the will of his own father. Elopedia’s agriculture and land name to a shopping center. This is the time when a shot is made from the center and will compete with NââM’MKîN Shankar and rebash tab.

What is this disadvantage? How does a couple of eyebrows? And if a center factor is awful? In response to the study, you should have a movie on the big screen.

Review 1

Menopause most important irony is very interesting. Telugu girl, isashvilma a role in his role. It has a lot of depth on the film with his performances. Deeksha Panth campaign provides a good eye for the mass.

New loan also good for his first film Maya Mall movie download hd. Lucky birthday Sonia fame is its role of dignity and good looks. Some horror effects here, and there is a decent movie. All the way through the center of the film is very convincing.

One of the biggest problems of the film is online horror comedy routine. This film Maya Mall full movie watch online is nothing new, since the processes of many recent horror comedy. The film looks nep processes most dom.

Shaqalaka Shankar and targubou rebashvili hard everybody laugh, because their role is very weak written. Prudhvi was not used to get the maximum. Now a deep display of emotions, because the procedure is full of comedy and some of the old quotes.

As mentioned, the shopping center center was very good, very good camera work. Govind director, made a very bad movie. His work is very mortskhviania, because it was only a few scenarios. But, as a whole, the film Maya Mall HD Full Movie Download is very predictable. Background scores was good and it was part of the edit.

Overall, Maya Mall movie download’s other horror comedy routine, which has no offer. Deeksha Panth – In some of the eyes, this film Maya Mall Online Movie is a disappointment, and it may be this weekend.

Review 2

Maya Mall HD Movie Online is a film of low budget horror starring “dilepi” and “Eshkha Rebbe”, directed by Govind Ruby. J. F. Harikrshas produced by music and credits Out Karthik- was only there, while Ramesh Thagubothu NââMûMKîN Shankar and the film were rolled. Maya actress Maya Mall free movie download first film.

Maya is a simple story of Maya Mall Full Movie Download Free and Dilepsis Metters, who married for love. But her parents do not agree. As a result, the patience wakes the bridal and get married parents. After leaving the village to go to the store, they will be the place of Misha. Grazing par tamuboto bigger shakalak and shankar.
Details about the message that’s why and how it happens and there is talk about the breed or not, but then you will see the movie.

The actors have to work with a good movie, especially dilepi who starts a beginner. Female leads to each campaign. However, the film Maya Mall full movie online has a clash horror story. The script is good, but the story and dialogue is not very interesting. Also well known in the movie comedy, their roles and dialogue does not cause so much laughter when they usually do. Although the plot was predictable, and the background was used. Also convinced that the whole story is set up in a limited area in the center.

Maya Mall (2017) Watch Online

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Maya Mall (2017) Full Movie Download

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