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Keni (2018) Full Movie Download in HD 720p

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Movie Info

Keni (2018) Watch Online

Movie Name: Keni (2018) Watch Online
Directed By:
 M.A. Nishad
 Nassar, Parthiban, Jaya Prada
  HDCam, 720p
Movie Length: 
 2 hrs 23 mins
:  Tamil
File Size
:    640 MB
Release Date: 16 Feb, 2018

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Keni Online Movie is a Tamil film released February 23, 2018. The film is directed by M. A. Nishad and includes Parthiban Radhakrishnan, Jaya Prada and Thalaivasal Vijay as characters. Other popular actors in Keni HD Full Movie Download were Nassar, Revathi, Pasupaty, Parvathy Nambiar, Indrans, Renji Panicker, Joy Mathew and Anu Hasan.


Efterlængte SPB-KJ Yesudas song, Ayya Sami ‘from the movie, Kinar’ or, Keni movie download ‘is here and the song is a celebration of Tamil Nadu culture and Kerala. Composite M Jayachandran, written by B K Harinarayanan and Palani Bharathi sings a festive, fast song with both singers who record it together in the studio.

The film directed by M A Nishad deals with the problem of water scarcity and runs on the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Jaya Prada, Revathy, Pasupathy, Parthipan, Archana, Nasser, Parvathy Nambiar, Indrans, Renji Panicker, Joy Mathew and Anu Hasan play an important role in this.

The film is written by Dr. Anver Abdulla and Dr. Aju K Narayanan. The musical legend KJ Yesudas and SP Balasubrahmanyam will gather in the bilingual film Malayalam-Tamil after 27 years. Noushad Shereef dealt with cinematography, where editing was done by Sreekumar Nair. The music consists of M Jayachandran with a song composed by Kallara Gopan. Score points are specified by Bijibal.

Trailer Review

Thematic films are the current trend in the tamil cinema, especially after the success of films such as “Joker” and “Aramm”. Bilingual “Keni HD Movie Online” in Tamil-Malayalam is preparing for release. We are going through the movie trailer, “Keni free movie download” takes the dreadful water shortage problem between Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The film takes place in Thatkasi and tells about the everyday life of people and their struggle for water. Veterinary actor Jaya Prada, after a long hole, went back to the cinema tamil. In the interview, Jaya Prada said she wanted to solve the problem of water scarcity.

Keni Full Movie Download Free is the director of Naushad and stars of the quintessential actors Anu Haasan, Nasser, Revathi, Rekha and Parthiepan at the head. The film shot subtitles before the song “Ayya Sami” appeared on the internet. After a long time he again marked the merger of SP Balasubramaniam and KJ Yesudas.

Produced by Sanjeev PK and Fragrant Nature Film Creations by Anee Sanjeev, the film Keni full movie online scheduled for release on February 23, 2018.


Keni full movie free download is apparently lacking in water. The small village, Puliyanmalai, in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, is in the hands of a dry man. While corrupt ministers try to exploit the situation by relocating villagers and launching an industrial development project in this area, the only hope for people is Jaya Prada Indira. Own land with source. The only problem: the source is on the edge of Kerala. How India also works to help villagers come across three different stories – each perspective of three different journalists who have the head of their husband.

The section in the section also seems a simple story. The film Keni Watch Online is also nothing else.

The film also begins with a focus on corruption and Indiri’s huband, Hariharan. A geologist who also acts as a director at the Alapuzha government office refuses to blind the eyes of corruption and involved in the production of sexual harassment. Just as he does, his friend Aravindan is being investigated because he is a Maoist and is also involved in this case. He died during the investigation and left the country to his wife.

Tell Riaz and also his wife Rasina. The life of love turned when Riaz arrested as part of the UEPA terrorist act. Both cases also taken over by the same lawyer who decides to blame accused women. We also approach the film and realize that the film Keni Watch Movie Online is about indigestion and lack of water.

 Keni (2018) Watch Online

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Keni (2018) Full Movie Download

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