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Fidaa (2017) Full Movie Download in HD 720p

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Fidaa (2017) Full Movie Download

Movie Name: Fidaa (2017) Watch Online
Directed By: Sekhar Kammula
Sai Pallavi, Varun Tej
 HDCam, 720p
Movie Length: 
2h 24min 
: Telegu
File Size
: 555 MB
Release Date:  20 July 2017

8.1/10 stars from 383 votes (IMDB)



Fidaa (2017) Trailer


Fidaa Full Telegu Movie Download Tiede and Bhanu, a different world, to the challenges in their relationship.


Fidaa Telegu Movie Download Tiede (Varun Tej) is a non-resident Indian, who lives in Texas, in the United States with his brother Raju (Raja Chembolu) bujji and younger brother (Aryan). He is a medical student who aims to become a neurosurgeon. Tiede comes to India with his younger brother for marriage Renuka Raju (Sharanya Pradeep), whose family comes Banswada on Telangana. There will meet Bhanumathi (Pallavi Out), Renuka, the little sister. Bhanu is bubbly and naughty girl, you do not want anyone to feel average. Gradually Vartan heard Banu and intentions of each other, but do not express. Money keeps her father and does not believe in marriage.

One day, he sleeps Varun- cousin, in an interview with the US in relation to India, which compared encouraged. Angry, under shemosuni and decides to forget his feelings for her and begins to ignore is. After the marriage of his brother, returned to the United States, but the down time can not fail to remember. Therefore decides to accept his love. Bhanumathi but gives a rough answer, which infuriates expansion Tiede between them further. Bani finally agrees to marry my father’s choice, but understands that it is not easy kortsinebamde.

Meanwhile, Renka pregnant and doctors advised bed rest. Bhanu sent to the United States with his father, to help manage pregnancy Renuka. Tiede begins Bhanu abuse during his stay with them. This banuus distortion and argument going on between them, after he decided to leave India in a week. Before leaving the US-bian decided to attempt a friend and your friend’s place “license Tiede ‘. By the way, both will change and decided to stay good friends. Both of their trip to their feelings for each other.


Fidaa Telegu Movie HD 2017 directed the film and directed klimaula Sekhar. It is represented by Varun Tej and Out Pallavi roles, the debut of the latest in Telugu. Principal photography began in August 2016. The film Fidaa Telegu Movie Online received positive reviews from the public and the critics in great performances of the actors.

The shooting happened telavana sirnepalis, jagetis, bashavdadas, and nizambadsa tadakol. Also taken were Austin, San Antonio and Durango in the United States.


Banimuti hybrid Pillay game oktatiani … SAE Palavea us his character in many loti.igi excellent performer, after malaris C Palavea hero saved the life of a memorable characters banummati. Directed Kammula link came long after IFAD story.Andand, happy days, big picture of the Godavari, and is now one of the top of the list. From Pallavi started Bhanumathi character, which is the greatest asset of the film Fidaa Movie online. We feel many scenes in real life. Someone said, or not; its beneficial operation and driving while ten Pallavi- Out exception. Beautiful story, hats for everyone. Kaunas movie “Varuna” was founded by film Fidaa Telegu Movie Free Download and best actor played here NRI boy lover .. which a great job. Tiede film Fidaa Telegu Movie Download HD career best love story.

Sir shekhekhar new faces This is really a great workout. Father, sister, aunt and brother live character actor with all the characters. Music, songs of beauty songs Melody Vachinde Pilla song Highlight.

Finally Palava is that I am a big fan of, premium, Kali Films. Now serving his dancer dance around. I watched this movie Fidaa movie download, but 3 days continuously Bhanumathi character and his dialogue Telangana. He also said that he also confesses that Telangana tengina more emphasis on love, ask your dialogue. My experience and opinion 2017 will be the best actor in the movie Fidaa Online Movie sails Palava. We are getting a smile on your face when I see a movie Fidaa HD Full Movie Download character bhumumit. Thanks Mr Shekar and Out Pallavi. SIIA Palavea bakhumatis lives by nature, so I gave a rating of 10. I still feel young, you can see more bomantis 2-3 hours, Pali hybrid oktatis piece, just a candle Palava. Fida am

Fidaa (2017) Watch Online

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Fidaa (2017) Full Movie Download

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