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Arjan (2017) Full Movie Download in HD 720p

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Movie Info

Arjan (2017) Watch Online  Arjan (2017) Watch Online
Genre:  Drama, Family, Musical
Directed By: Mandeep Chahal
Cast:  Hobby Dhaliwal, Karanveer Kaur, Shavendra Mahal
Quality: HD, 720p
Movie Length: 2h 29min
Language: Punjabi
File Size:  1.57 GB
Release Date: 5 May 2017

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Arjan (2017) Description

Arjan full movie free download A young woman promising her uncle would marry Punjabi, she has different plans on her sleeve.


Arjan full movie online is a Punjabi film by Roshan Prince, Prachi Tehlan and Hobby Dhaliwal, a reputable role. The Arjan full movie download is also starring B. N. Nirmal Sharma and Rashi. This is a romantic drama film by the cover of Manduip Sharma, Rajesh Bhatt as a part of the crew.


A film that’s all set to start in India and Canada is already creating a buzz about social media. Fans and movies send regular updates to various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, about how and why they have high expectations for the movie. A big scream of movie posters will also be felt. The list of master is yet to come forward, although the public is eagerly waiting to see it on the screen. In this film, Prachi Tehlan introduces Polly Les film company. It is an exciting netball and basketball player and is also available every day in a novel entitled “Diya Aur Bati” starred by Star Plus.

The story of the Punjabi film Arjan free movie download is, according to reviews, a romantic drama between Roshan Prince (Arjan HD Movie Online Singh) and Prachi Tehlan (Nimmi). Prachi played the character Nimmi, who studied abroad. And Roshan Prince played the character Arjan Full Movie Download Free Singh, who is “Jaan” of his village in Punjab. When Nimma visits Punjab, Arjan HD Movie Download is in love and taken abroad.

And Nimmo’s uncle swore to her to marry an Indian boy. So it’s true love or something else? What happens when Arjan Online Movie finds out all this? He will answer all the questions at the end of the film. Let’s see, the love of birds staying together at the end, or not? As in the report on film Arjan movie download one must see that they know what love is?


Arjan HD Full Movie Download is a Punjabi movie star, Roshan Prince, Prachi Tehlan, Hobby Dhaliwal. Let us first prachi Tehlan big screen. In addition, the film with B. N. Sharma and Nirmal Rishi. Director of the film is in production Manduip Sharma Rajesh Bhatt.

To talk about the history of the film, so it’s a story based on a romantic drama. But this is different from other Punjabi films. Roshan Prince is a good player, we all know, but in this movie we see him as the second avatar, his performance in turban is very loving and appreciated by the public. Prachi Tehlan debut Polly Wood industry and its frame glasses frames. This movie will be a cash box. The two main characters in the film are B. N. Sharma and Nirmal Rishi. Both are great actors. B. N. Sharma is not a comedian in this movie, he also has a new avatar, but very well.

All the films have some positive and negative ones. If we are talking about good things in the film, there was also production work, history, movie editing, film music, actions that are very good for all stakeholders. But the film’s direction is poor. Drama Film is not up to the mark. But in general, we can say it is a good movie, and also to make good money for decision makers for sure.

Arjan (2017) Watch Online

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Arjan (2017) Full Movie Download